Impressive and Affordable Solutions!

Radiology Technology, Inc. has created software that will increase your productivity, expand the current capabilities of your existing Radiology infrastructure and save you a lot of money! Our software portfolio includes an incredibly powerful PACS middleware platform, an impressive Dynamic Dashboard Solution and a revolutionary billing audit software. Click on the links above for more details.

1. PACS middleware was first created to remove the proprietary nature of modality vendor DICOM output. Starting out as a product called VendorMerge, its original focus was to allow all vendors to easily read and accept hidden measurements from the proprietary structured reports or private DICOM tags of other vendors. Since that time, it has grown into an incredibly powerful solution which offers all facilities, large or small, the ability to compete on a level playing field. For example, your existing PACS vendor can now host its own Teleradiology solution through our middleware. You can also host your own DICOM distribution solution and automate all DICOM traffic. The features are nearly limitless.

2. Business Intelligence is a hot topic. Finally, there is a single solution for every scenario. ChartPoint is a revolutionary Dashboard product that will allow you to visualize complicated trends with the ease of dragging and dropping elements around on your web browser. Like the PACS middleware solutions, ChartPoint takes advantage of the latest HTML5 and other technologies to offer your entire facility a dynamic solution without the need to install software on every computer. Launch ChartPoint on one station and it hosts a powerful dashboard server which can be accessed via your entire network. There are no concurrent user licensing limitations with any of our products. We feel it is important that one solution should provide all the answers to every employee without straining your budget or creating a need for IT support.

3. We have developed several medical and non-medical software products. We are FileMaker12 Certified, we have created iOS, Android, MAC, Windows and Linux applications. Please, feel free to contact us if you have a need for an advanced software development solution.

4. You need to know how ineffective your billing company or internal billing system is so that you can minimize, if not eliminate, lost revenue. You need to know when insurance companies have underpaid for services rendered. You need to know when computer interface issues impact profitability. You need to know when human errors negatively impact revenue. MedPoint has the answers you need! Learn more about MedPoint Asset Management, LLC by following the "MedPoint Consultants Tab" above. The software created by Radiology Technology, Inc. and managed by MedPoint Consultants keeps an eye on the entire revenue cycle and provides you with detailed reports, at the click of a button, identifying lost revenue. Uniquely, MedPoint will actually pay for itself. You pay out of the increased revenue you recover using the software. The results will be an increase to your bottom line, or peace-of-mind that you are actually as efficient as your billing company says they are. In either case, it won't cost you a dime!